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Dental Conditions

Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is generally caused by poor oral hygiene, infection in the mouth, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or by the food that you eat…

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Common signs of bruxism include headaches, damaged teeth, broken fillings, pain in the jaw, a grinding sound whilst sleeping or popping of the temporomandibular joint…

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Your dentist can help to identify early signs of decay during your check-up. We recommend coming in for a check-up every 6 months. An x-ray may be necessary to check that the decay…

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Gum Disease

There are a number of types of gum disease known as gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis. These have been listed from least severe to most…

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There is no single cure or treatment for TMD however there are a number of options which can significantly reduce the pain or discomfort that you are in…

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Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is also known as dentine hypersensitivity. vThis occurs when root surfaces are exposed. Root surfaces can be exposed when the protective enamel layer…

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last molar (furthest back) teeth on each side of your lower and upper jaws. Typically they are the last tooth to come through the gum…

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