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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is simple and a lot more affordable than most people may think. It is a quick and easy option to achieve a brighter smile.

At Modern Dental Care we offer three types of bleaching. Take home bleaching trays, in chair bleaching, and internal teeth bleaching.

The first two option are for the external surfaces of your teeth. The later option is for teeth that have had root canal therapy and have turn a greyish colour. A consultation with one of our dentist is required to assess the health of your teeth before teeth whitening can be safely carried out.

In chair bleaching can achieve the quickest results. The process takes approximately 90 mins. We place a barrier on your gums to protect them and apply the high concentration whitening gel directly onto the surface of your teeth.

Take home bleaching requires us to take moulds of your teeth to make custom trays which adapt to your teeth. The trays are used to contain the whitening gel onto your teeth while you bleach your teeth at home.

To get the best results with teeth whitening, we also recommend a clean before bleaching.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

At Modern Dental Care we offer a wide range of services from preventative treatments through to full mouth makeovers. We also offer specialised services such as orthodontics, implants, and wisdom teeth extractions.