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Dentures are a treatment option that is used to replace missing teeth.

They provide similar functionality to a bridge or implant. Replacing teeth or gaps has a number of significant long term oral health benefits including improved speech, ability to chew and jaw bone structure. Importantly, they also significantly improve the look of your smile by filling aesthetically displeasing gaps.

Dentures are plates that can support one or many manmade teeth. Dentures are typically made from chrome cobalt or acrylic.

They are typically removable devices that are taken out to enable cleaning and other although a variant known as an implant-retained denture is fixed in place. Partial dentures are a good solution for replacement of a single missing tooth, or a group of missing teeth. A full denture is used to replace the full set of either upper or lower teeth.

Dentures are the most affordable tooth replacement solution.

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At Modern Dental Care we offer a wide range of services from preventative treatments through to full mouth makeovers. We also offer specialised services such as orthodontics, implants, and wisdom teeth extractions.